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Cathy's yoga teacher training graduation - 2013 June 29

Why I become a yoga teacher?

First I saw the word, “yoga” in early 1970’s because of hippies. And I wrote a short report “what is meditation” in social science class in my High School.  Also, it relates to Buddha and other religions from India.

I started to learn Yoga in 1980’s.  First, I was uncomfortable because when instructed to close my eyes, the teacher continued talking (which deaf people, like myself, could not hear). Later I had an interpreter but still could not relax when I watched him during yoga class.  I lost interest in yoga until much later, when I found a yoga DVD with closed captioning in 2005. Still no relax while watching the DVD.

The reason I found this DVD was before my first triathlon in 2004, when my swim coach (he also coaches triathlons) recommended I take yoga. At first I refused because of bad experience in my past.

I later found Lila Lolling of Deaf Yoga in DeafNation website in 2007.  I bought her DVD.  Of course we stayed in contact through her updates and private e-mails.

Finally I met Lila at a Yoga Retreat Arizona in summer 2009. A few yogins and ASL/deaf teachers suggested I should become a yoga teacher someday because of my experiences with hearing yoga teachers. Also she visited Sivananda Vedanta Center, Los Angeles a few months later from New York City.  Naturally, I was able to learn more from Lila and others than I had in the hearing world.  Also, I attended another retreat, Sivananda Ashram Yoga Farm, Yoga Grass Valley, CA in 2011. So I became interested in attending the Teacher Training Courses at Sivananda Ashram Yoga Ranch, Woodburne, NY  in June 2013

I have taken some Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) Yoga classes one year before yoga teacher certification  and would like to teach this too, in the deaf community. It’s same poses as on the floor except on a paddleboard.  It is challenge for me because of balance issues.   Then become SUP yoga teacher certification, Bliss Paddle Yoga, Newport Beach, CA in April 2014.