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Yoga class in June 2015

Remind you to mark your calendar for deaf yoga class on 2015 June 7 Sunday – class starts at 12:45pm to 2:30pm

Sivananda Yoga Center
13325 Beach Ave
Marina Del Rey, CA
$15 per person
(310) 822-9642

please contact me for RSVP before June 7 at midnight if you plan to attend Thank you.

Wear loose and comfortable clothes.
Bring a bottle of water, yoga mat and small towel.

Saturday, June 20 — ASL Yoga classes have been cancelled at Ra Yoga Studio, Costa Mesa until further notice.

Please see Survey of Yoga in 2015

*Interested in SUP yoga class in summer 2015 (April to September)?  Please let me know.
Note: SUP is Stand Up Paddleboard